For a better peace of mind – Get a Building Inspection

For a better peace of mind – Get a Building Inspection

Back in the day, a builder mate could give the home of your dreams a once over and their word was enough for you to purchase what was the single most expensive life time purchase any one could make.

Now consumers, bankers, insurance companies, lawyers are not happy for a quick once over with no liability. In today’s environment, it is imperative to engage in a Trusted Building Inspections company with professional and suitably trained Building Inspectors who has PI and PL insurance and also follows the NZS 4306:2005 standards for Inspections.

The Christchurch rebuild experienced accelerated growth in the Residential Building Sector and not all Builds were Built the same. The same can be said with the EQC repair work carried out over what has been nearly a decade. Today it is imperative that a Building Inspection is carried out by a Professional Building Inspections Company as Lawyers, Insurance companies and Banks now require not only a standard Building Inspection but an EQC Scope of works check carried out also.

When a Jim’s Building Inspector casts their keen eyes over a Building element or detail, they are looking for key indicators or sign. Like a trade’s person with an eye for square, plumb or levels, the Professional Building Inspector will notice things that the ordinary person would miss. Your local Jim’s Building Inspector will often come across these indicators that will draw attention to an area and would warrant further investigation.

The Builder mate will often look in the wrong places and miss defects or they will go to the other extreme and note every single minor defect and sink a sale. Builders in their own day to day routine, often neglect basic code practices in the haste to move on to the next job. Then all of a sudden, bad habits become the norm. These are the very same builder mates that Jo Blogg trusts their personal life savings with when buying a home.

All our Jim’s Building Inspection Reports are informative, providing buyers with a reason or possible cause for a defect, possible remedial action and referral to a professional trade network. Our Qualified Inspectors follow the NZS 4306:2005 standards and our reports are set out in an easy to understand format with good content and detailed photos. Reports should be leveraged for negotiations and also provide the purchaser with a realistic outlook when defects are identified. First home buyers often need to be reminded that the home they are purchasing is at least 50 years old and wear and tear is typical and this is also reflected in our reporting. However, there are times when our reporting is also a matter of fact whether the home is new or old and the reality is our number one aim is for customer satisfaction, their peace of mind and protection when they are make their informed decision to buy.


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