In the market? Your property inspection checklist

In the market? Your property inspection checklist

When you start house hunting you probably have a good idea of your requirements in terms of location, price, schools and local amenities such as playgrounds or shopping facilities.

But once you actually start walking into homes and you’ll probably see a lot of them – the process can start to feel very overwhelming and emotional.

But the last thing you want to do is put undue stress on yourself and on your family by making a quick decision and potentially, the wrong decision.

Homes throughout New Zealand vary in age and condition so it’s very important to understand the complete history of the property you’re viewing, before taking the plunge.

The team at Jim’s Building Inspections has put together a quick property inspection checklist covering the basics – take this with you next Saturday:

  1. Building materials – find out what the house is made of, including the exterior walls and the roof.
  2. Walls and ceilings – check that the walls and ceilings are in good condition. Check for cracks, check for sagging are telltale signs that you could be dealing with weathertight issues such as weatherside cladding, or structural problems.
  3. Doors and windows – check all the doors and windows to see if they open and shut properly.
  4. Insulation, ventilation and heating – New Zealand gets cold! Find out about the homes insulation, ventilation, sources of heating and whether the windows are double glazed.
  5. Plumbing – turn on all the taps. Check the shower pressure, the toilets and cisterns.
  6. Draining and spouting – Look at the drains and check the spouting.
  7. Exterior – Check the outside walls, roofs and gutters and check the condition of the deck, piles, garden and lawns.

Jim’s Building Inspections offer pre-purchase building inspections which are reports that will identify major or minor defects and safety hazards, allow the purchaser to plan and budget for future maintenance and repairs and identify existing problems before they worsen.

A Building Inspection is a very important part of purchasing a home. For your complimentary quote click here, or call 0800 454 654 to speak to a team member.

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