Home Buyer Beware: Dux Quest Plumbing

Home Buyer Beware: Dux Quest Plumbing

What Is Dux Quest?

Dux Quest or Dux Qest was one of the first black plastic pipe plumbing systems introduced into New Zealand in the late 1970s to early 1980s replacing the copper pipe. It was installed in 20,000 to 40,000 homes.

Within ten years or so, dux quest pipes were becoming a recognised problem with brittle pipes causing leaks and burst fittings, often caused by chlorine in the water. Dux Quest piping was withdrawn from the market shortly after and pre-dates the current plumbing Building Code and the Building Act. Dux Industries closed in the 1980s.

What Does The Old Dux Quest Pipe Look Like?

The pipe is very distinctive, it is a hard rubbery black piping that has small white writing running up the length of the pipe. it is around 2cm in diameter and the plastic piping is slightly flexible when bent with two hands.

How does Dux Quest plumbing affect my house?

Leaks can go undetected for days, even weeks and sometimes years. As the house soaks up a gradual leak, before you know it, it finally gives way entirely or becomes saturated. If the home was built between the 1970s and 1980s there could be an underlying defect waiting to happen as it may have had Dux Quest piping installed.

You need to be aware that as a known faulty product some insurance companies will not cover damage caused by Dux plumbing. Some insurance companies are even stating in their fine print that they will not cover any burst pipe leaks in houses that are fitted with or have used Dux Quest.

How can Dux Quest affect my potential new house?

The last thing you need when you purchase a home is to discover black polybutylene piping and then have to replace the plumbing in order to fully insure your new home.

How can we help you?

Our Building Inspectors know what to look for and where to check and using our moisture meters can detect elevated moisture readings.

The Building Inspector may recommend a Licensed Plumber carry out a Plumbing Inspection to enable you to effect repairs or even replace the Dux Quest piping. If you have noticed skirting that has swollen or areas of paintwork that is flaking or has discolouration or smell dampness or just for peace of mind it is time to give us a call on 0800 454 645.

In news

Watch Peter Jackson from Peter Jackson Plumbing on One News speaking about Dux Quest Pipe & Fittings.

The warranty for Dux Qest expired years ago and so has the company that sold it. So, if your Building Inspector suspects or if they do find Dux Qest in the property, steps can be taken to ensure the product doesn’t have any current issues. The Building Inspector may recommend a Licensed Plumber carry’s out a Plumbing Inspection!


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