Jim’s Building Inspections Jungle tips “Before You List”

Jim’s Building Inspections Jungle tips “Before You List”

Do you want to prevent unwanted delays on your home being sold or worse case, the sale being derailed?

It is almost certain that an offer on your home will be subject to a Building Inspection Report. This is one area you can make the sales process easier by being a proactive vendor.

If a buyer engages in a professional Building Inspection Company to carry out an inspection and defects are identified, you would need to address these as soon as practicable potentially causing delays and if you were time poor, you may need to negotiate the price in order to make the sale quickly.

The advantage of getting a Vendor’s or Presale inspection is you give yourself time to address any unknown defects. Once these defects have been addressed an amended report could be added to the property file. In turn, this could make the Buyers own Building Inspectors report lighter with fewer defects being identified.

To make a Building Inspectors report boring with less content and defects detailed within it, carry out these simple tasks. These can be easily carried out by the Vendor or Handy Person providing they are done safely.

  • Check gutters – Debris, Clips and Pooling or Ponding – Cleaning may help this
  • Check Ground Clearances – Clear plants away from cladding and clear soil away from the bottom edge providing enough clearance from splashback – Between 100 to 225 mm
  • Drains – Clean drains, keep debris or items clear and check grills are in good order
  • Showers – Clean showers especially the corners inside and out – rake out, clean and replace sealant if mouldy then reapply a mould resistant sealant. “Specialist advice or a Moisture test may be required”
  • Windows – Clean Sills and the aluminium chase of mould and clean out drain holes, check rubber seals around windows
  • Doors – Ease binding doors – Refix, Sand or plane, Fix door handles and install door stops
  • Gardens – Clear away overgrowth from cladding and soffits

What better excuse do you need to carry out your annual home maintenance and spring cleaning!


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