How a friend’s advice can help you buy better

How a friend’s advice can help you buy better

How a friend’s advice can help you buy better

As soon as you announce that you’re looking to buy a property you can expect family and friends to come out of the woodwork and offer you all sorts of well-meaning advice.

Our advice? The property market is a changeable beast. Remember that principles that may have been true in the past don’t necessarily continue to be true, so certainly take their recommendations on board but remember that a professional opinion is always essential.

Work with experienced professionals

Hire the most thorough, licensed building inspector you can find to pinpoint any issues that could potentially end up becoming costly repairs.

A qualified building inspector will undertake a neutral and extensive investigation of the property, inside and out. The last thing you’d like to happen is for a serious defect to get missed by a friend which lands you in serious trouble down the track.

Leave it to the professionals and no one gets hurt financially… or emotionally!

What sort of things can you pick up when walking through a home?

A walk through a property with someone who has been through the process before can really open your eyes to the types of issues that may become apparent in the future, if not already.

For example, you might like to check to make sure all the sinks, faucets and toilets are functioning properly. Consider what the water pressure is like and make sure the toilets flush properly and that they are secure.

Check the windows to make sure they work well. Additionally check the condition of the paint in and around the windows.

A good question to ask the real estate agent, if you can, is the age of the heating and cooling systems. Are they ducted systems or split systems, have they been regularly serviced or is this something you should factor in to the purchase price.

A professional building inspection is an essential step in the property process

A professional building and pest inspection is a thorough and in-depth investigation of your property designed to establish the true condition of the home or investment. A Building Inspector will specifically target:

  • Exterior and interior roof spaces and materials
  • Under the floor area including foundations, framing, insulation and ground moisture
  • Interior/exterior of the property including windows, floors, ceilings and any specific services and systems
  • Other structures on the site such as sheds and garages

When should I book in a building and pest inspection?

A Building inspection is an essential step in the process of purchasing a home or project and it is recommended to all home owners and potential purchasers. The best time to book it in is either when you enter the contract of sale or before bidding at an auction so that you have all the information you need on hand. When your contract is in place, the building inspection needs to tie in with settlement requirements

Jim’s Building Inspections New Zealand

Jim’s Building Inspections New Zealand launched in 2016 and is expanding quickly. Jim’s Building Inspections has a keen focus on customer service which is the basis for its growth and success.

Jim’s Building Inspections New Zealand offer a full suite of inspection services covering pre-purchase inspections, new home inspections, asbestos inspections and methamphetamine testing and inspections.

To speak to your local inspector call 0800 454 654.


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