How to pick your building inspection

How to pick your building inspection

When you’re buying a new property, a building and pest inspection can go a long way towards saving you a fortune in the long run.

Be it asbestos you didn’t know was lurking or structural damage that potentially makes the whole place unsound… there are just so many issues that a good, professional building and pest inspector will be able to find.

Here is a useful guide on how to find the best building inspector for your particular requirements –

The basics
The building inspector you choose needs to be qualified. Don’t be afraid to ask for licence details and make sure they have comprehensive public liability insurance – for your protection and theirs.

Initial considerations
What is their background and what training have they received to work in the field?
How long have they been working as a building and pest inspector?
Where do they live? Are they locally based, what geographical area do they cover and do they have knowledge of the common issues found in your area?
What does the report look like? A Building Inspector should be more than happy to give you a copy of a report they have written previously – so you can see how much detail there is, how simple they are to read or understand and what kind of issues are brought up.

The limitations
Building Inspectors are, of course, human. Because building inspections are predominantly visual inspections, a building inspector can only access areas that they can see (although a good inspector will be as thorough as possible and get to those hard to reach, hidden spots in the property).

Specific knowledge
If your building inspector is locally based they are more likely to know about specific builders, types of buildings, the way the structure needs to be built to withstand local weather and ground conditions and problems common to that particular spot. A building inspector who has been doing the rounds in the area for a number of years is likely to have first-hand experience and knowledge of the ‘problem areas’ and will be on the lookout from the word go.
There is even every chance that a local inspector has inspected a property previously. So they will be even more alert to any new issues emerging.

Jim’s Building Inspections provides New Zealand property owners with forward-thinking, conclusive and professional building inspections that are thorough and simple to read.

The reports are generated using cutting edge industry technology and are available to clients within 24 hours of the inspection.

A strict pre-selection process ensures your appointed building consultant is qualified, highly skilled, insured and knowledgeable about your specific property’s location and the New Zealand environment.

For an obligation-free quote click here or to speak to a team member call 0800 454 654.


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